Discovering the Secrets of the North Yorkshire Moors


Since 1963 RAF Fylingdales has been providing Ballistic Missile Early Warning and Space Awareness information for the USA and UK.  A key part of the US Missile Defence System there is much more to this concrete ‘pyramid’ than the myths and rumours that have perpetuated over the years, and, we are offering an opportunity for you to find out exactly what happens on this high security base.  We are planning a visit to RAF Fylingdales on 1 May 2013, before venturing on to the historic sights of Goathland and Whitby.  £10 will secure your place on the coach for this unique ‘field trip’ where you will learn about the important missions Fylingdales performs and view security needs through a different ‘lense’.  Hurry up and register your interest, there are only 25 places available and they will go quickly.  Please contact me directly for more information and watch this blog for updates.


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