Peace journalism

Guest Lecture: Politics and Applied Global Ethics (Peace Studies)

Tuesday February 4th 13:00-14:30. Room: Portland 210

Peace Journalism: How the news we watch can shape the way we think

With Jake Lynch

Dr Jake Lynch is Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at The University of Sydney, an Executive Member of the Sydney Peace Foundation and Senior Research Fellow, School of Communication, University of Johannesburg.

Jake Lynch is a former BBC TV newsreader, Political Correspondent for Sky News and Sydney Correspondent for the Independent.

He is now the Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney, and the most published author in the field of Peace Journalism.

Peace Journalism is a set of distinctions in the journalistic representation of conflict. Jake’s research shows how differences in the sourcing, framing and language of news, about a range of conflict issues, can affect the way audiences diagnose problems – and make them receptive to different proposed solutions.

Using a range of data collection techniques, both quantitative and qualitative, Jake has identified influential ways of presenting and telling stories that set the climate of public opinion in which governments and others respond to conflict.

In this talk, he reviews his research, points up some new research directions, and examines the practical implications for journalism and anyone interested in the role of media in conflict.

For more information please contact Dr Rachel Julian


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