F= the Festival of the Body!

Guest Post from Natalia Gerodetti, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and member of the Global Inequalities Research Group.

March 8th has come to mark international women’s day and is celebrated globally many years after its origins in the early 20th century and still making claims for persistent inequalities, new forms of injustice and discrimination as well as celebrating the many achievements there have been in relation to women’s social, cultural and political roles and positions.

In 1908 a day was held to remember a strike of a Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union in New York, organised by the Socialist Party of America but by 1911 over a million people marked it in various countries. Since 1996 – and perhaps against a background of gender mainstreaming – the UN provides themes for each year with 2016 being the year to ‘Make It Happen’.

So there you go – make it happen with our local Leeds events!  The Festival of the Body will celebrate International Women’s day with a month long programme of events at Leeds Central Library, including art exhibitions, performances and talks.  There are also interactive sessions.

The Festival of the Body is organised by F= an interdisciplinary research group at Leeds Beckett University.

Find out more and get involved at http://www.fequals.co.uk.


Dr Gerodetti’s research focuses on historical approaches to the social and spatial politics of gender and sexuality in the context of law and social policy. She has an interest in the relationship of the past to the present in terms of social justice.  More recently her research interests focus around space, migration and identity both in relation to historical governance of gender and sexuality but also in relation to contemporary aspects around food production, sustainability and belonging. Her most recent publication with Dr Sally Foster “Growing foods from home: food production, migrants and the changing cultural landscapes of gardens and allotments” was published in Landscape Research in October 2015.



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