A Good Night at the Golden Robes!

Dr Jess Gifkins reports on a night of celebration at the Golden Robes

The PAGE group had a stellar list of nominations from students in the annual ‘Golden Robes’ awards, with nominations in almost every category! It’s lovely that students take the time to recognise the work that goes into the different aspects of what we do as a team. Nine members of PAGE were nominated, along with three of our modules, and two members of staff were shortlisted as ‘Innovative Tutor of the Year’; Rachel Julian and myself (Jess Gifkins). We didn’t win, but enjoyed the awards night nonetheless, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that Julie and the team from the Grumpy Mule cafe won in the ‘Hidden Hero’ category!


Rachel and Jess at the awards night last week

Rachel Julian was nominated across three different categories (Personal Tutor of the Year; Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year and Innovative Tutor of the Year), and Dorron Otter was nominated in two categories (Motivator of the Year and Undergraduate Supervisor of the Year). Three of our modules were nominated as ‘Module of the Year’.


Moses, Jess and Paul at the Faculty drinks reception.
PAGE’s other nominations were; Moses Okech (Personal Tutor of the Year), Robin Redhead (Personal Tutor of the Year), Steve Wright (Personal Tutor of the Year), Sophia Price (Hidden Hero) and Andrew Morton (Innovative Tutor of the Year). Congrats to all involved!


Student nominations for Innovative Tutor of the Year

Dr Jess Gifkins is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at PAGE. She is course leader for International Relations and Global Development. Her research focuses on decision making in the UN Security Council and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).


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