CC Image courtesy of itjournalist on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of itjournalist on Flickr

The Politics and Applied Global Ethics (PAGE) is dedicated to the study of issues of importance for the future of humankind through the academic subjects of Politics, International Relations, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Development Studies and Political Economy.

Our vision and values are encapsulated in the words of our title:

  • By Political we mean focused on common problems, collective and negotiated solutions, grounded in historical and theoretical insights
  • By Applied we mean focused on real world problems and solutions. This extends from our research output and curriculum to the skills of our graduates, who will not only engage in critical academic thinking, but will be able to work within their environment to make a difference, whether this be through employment, entrepreneurship, activism or public life
  • By Global we mean focused on global issues such as peace and conflict, climate change, poverty and fairer, more equitable societies; and also in the sense of the universality of our approach – from individual to society, in our personal and professional lives, and from local to global communities
  • By Ethical we mean questioning the underlying assumptions and values behind our decisions and actions, and exploring notions of justice, responsibility and accountability in our practice.

PAGE aims to be widely known and highly regarded by our core stakeholders and maintain strong links with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and policy, practitioner and activist communities. Our research is focused on problems faced by these communities with the aim of making a positive difference now and in the future.

Our graduates will be able to critically engage with the challenges of the coming century and able to work on the common problems that we face as a global community, equipped with the tools to be effective, ethical practitioners in their learning, careers and wider lives.

CC Image courtesy of massmarrier on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of massmarrier on Flickr

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