Human Trafficking or Modern Slavery?

Politics and International Relations students packed out the room to participate in the debate about human trafficking and modern slavery today, with Guest Speaker Dr. Rose Broad from the University of Manchester, in her talk ‘From Human Trafficking to Modern Slavery: Policy development in the UK’. Rose laid out the emergence of “modern slavery” as a term and invited students to consider the efficacy of the term to accurately describe the actions that come within it. Drawing on international legal mechanisms as evidence, she then demonstrated how modern slavery covers a diverse range of activities which can be difficult to conceptualise under one coherent framework. Rose presented students with case studies from her ESRC funded project entitled ‘Perpetrators of Modern Slavery’ to help draw out the complexities of identifying victims and perpetrators. These real-life narratives were illuminating and encouraged the audience to confront some of their own views about those that participate in processes of human trafficking.