Public Events in Politics and Applied Global Ethics at Leeds Met in February – all welcome

29th January 2014 PAGE Seminar NT221 15:00-16:30
Alex Nunn, Leeds Metropolitan University
Challenging the Logic of Competitiveness for the Future of Europe
Europe stands at a cross roads. A long-term and repeatedly failing project to secure competitiveness through the ‘continuous adjustment’ of European states and societies has been pursued in a series of guises from including the widely discussed Lisbon and Europe 2020 strategies. This paper provides a critique of the logic of competitiveness through a scalar-relational framework.
The paper is available in advance by clicking here.
5th February 2014 Psychology Seminar RB231 15:00-16:30
Peter Bull – University of York
‘Nonverbal communication, political discourse & the social psychology of health’
An overview of my three main research interests: nonverbal communication (e.g., the role of nonverbal cues in detecting deception); political discourse (e.g., how and why politicians fail to answer questions in broadcast interviews); and the social psychology of health (e.g., the role of patient misconceptions in clinical outcomes for angina).


Hilary Benn MP. Image courtesy of the Labour Party

Public Lecture 7th February

Debating Inequality with Hilary Benn MP and Alex Nunn, Leeds Met

A new language of economic inequality has entered the public conservation in recent years, with talk of the “1 per cent” versus the “99 per cent,” and of “the squeezed middle.” But confusion and uncertainty surround the issue of inequality, which is described as both deeply unfair and the natural order of things, a spur to entrepreneurial effort and the cause of instability in the financial system. The speakers at this event will discuss the global competitive pressures driving increased inequality, the impact of inequality on ordinary people’s living standards, opportunities, and health, and the policies that might create greater equality, productivity, and well-being.

Hilary Benn is Member of Parliament for Leeds Central and the Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Previously, he served as International Development Secretary, as a Minister in the Home Office, as Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and as the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons.
Dr Alex Nunn is Director of the recently founded Centre for Applied Social Research (CeASR) at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Rose Bowl – Book here 18.30-20.00 all welcome.

12th February 2014 Social Science Seminar BPA G02 15:00-16:30
Professor Jeff Henderson, Professor of International Development, Bristol University
Professor Henderson’s research is broadly concerned with the sociology, politics and political economy of economic development and in recent years his interests have focused on the developmental consequences of global production networks as well as on the relation of economic governance to inequality and poverty. He will discuss his latest book East Asian Transformation (2010).

26th February 2014 PAGE Seminar RB231 15:00-16:30
Paul Blackledge, Leeds Metropolitan University
Engels’ Marxism

Professor Blackledge’s most recent research has focused on the intersection between Marxism and ethical theory. Prior to this he worked on the contributions made by Marx and other Marxists to the theory of history. He has also written on the British New Left, and is currently completing a study of Engels’ Marxism. Professor Blackledge’s work has been translated into French, German and Chinese and he has presented his ideas at conferences in America, Australia and China.

Free events next week

Wednesday 15th May 14.30-16.00 Leeds Metropolitan University: Rose Bowl 515

Politics and Applied Global Ethics Seminar:  “Trilemma Forcefields in the Eurozone Crisis: Neoliberal Mechanism

Designs at the Breaking Point”, Gary Dymski, Professor and Chair in Applied Economics Leeds University Business School

Wednesday 15th May 6 pm Leeds Metropolitan University: BPA 101

Leeds Taking Soundings and Politics and Applied Global ethics presents

‘The Thatcher Moment’

This is a  round-table discussion about the significance of Margaret Thatcher’s legacy.

Matthew Caygill, Pamela Fisher and Alex Nunn (all Leeds Met University) will  each speak for up to 15 minutes.

Friday 17th May 1100-1230 Leeds Metropolitan University Rose Bowl, Lecture Theatre B

Mrs Thatcher’s contested legacy: the Prime Minister who “made our country great again”?

A panel discussion followed by Q&A With

Alec Shelbrooke MP (Conservative, Elmet and Rothwell)

 Fabian Hamilton MP (Labour, Leeds North East)

 Paul Blackledge, Professsor of Political Theory, Leeds Metropolitan University

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These are all free and all are welcome to attend.

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